Zone 7 Engineering, LLC is an electronics engineering company based in Portland Oregon
USA created by seasoned engineer David Ashman.  David is a senior level engineer with
extensive experience in the design of digital & analog circuitry incorporating various
microprocessors/DSPs, and development of embedded C/C++ firmware.   

Zone 7 Engineering can assist customers in any of the following areas:

- Electronic prototyping and preparation for product commercialization.
- Electronic circuit schematic design, PCB design, test, debug, and integration.
- Embedded processor firmware design (drivers, application, and DSP algorithms),
development, debug, and integration.
- Initial project design (specification writing
, structuring, and system design).

Zone 7 Engineering has experience with designing electronics and embedded
firmware for the following projects:

- Hand held and remote meters
- OBD vehicle electronics
- Wired and wireless sensors
- High performance audio capture / processing / reproduction and audio CODEC
- Medical wearable devices
- Low power battery driven electronics
- IoT device to server electronics and firmware (MQTT, HTTP / HTTPS / JSON protocols)
- Device to device electronics and firmware (BLE, ISM, WiFi)
- BLDC and BDC motor control

Summary of processors & tools regularly utilized:

- Processors:  ST Micro STM32F0/F1/F4, Analog Devices BlackFin BF706 DSP, SHARC 210xx
and 214xx
DSP, MicroChip dsPIC33 / PIC16 / PIC18

- Embedded IDE tools:  IAR EWARM, Analog Devices CrossCore Embedded Studio,
MicroChip MPLAB-X

- Embedded IP libraries:  Segger emWin GUI, Segger emFILE FAT32 file system, SQLite,
OBD Experts vehicle OBD-II, Micrium uC/OS-II RTOS, MicroDigital smxFS FAT file system,
Closed Loop Design (CLD) USB Audio
, Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction

- Interface:  SPI, I2C, I2S, CANbus, UART, A/D, D/A, PWM, SDRAM, RGB TFT LCD

- Wireless:  SimCom SIM7500 LTE, uBlox MAX-M8 GNSS / GPS,
Sierra Wireless BC127
Telit HE910 3G, Linx Technologies GNSS / GPS, Roving Networks RN171 WiFi,
Atmel ATWINC1500 WiFi, TI CC1101 sub-1GHz ISM, MicroChip RN4020 Bluetooth
Energy (

- Schematic capture:  OrCAD

- Drawing tools:  AutoCAD LT

- Analog simulation tools:  CircuitLab

- Version control:  SubVersion and GIT

David's education background:

Master of Science (M.S.), Electrical engineering | Johns Hopkins University
Digital Signal Processing concentration
1995 - 1999

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.), Electrical engineering | Rochester Institute of Technology
1987 - 1990

Associate of Science (A.S.), Electrical engineering | State University of New York at Alfred
1985 - 1987
Embedded Electronic Hardware and Firmware Design from Portland, Oregon USA

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