Our Embedded firmware Development Process

Our embedded firmware development process always starts with discussions with the client about their project, the technological requirements, schedule expectations, and their budget. Once this crucial step is completed, a requirements specification is written and the firmware development process commences.

Typically, there are three phases for embedded hardware to be produced: a prototype phase, a pilot phase, and a production phase. The vast majority of firmware is written during the prototype phase while waiting for the prototype printed circuit boards (PCBs) with the chosen microprocessor to be fabricated. Firmware can also be simulated prior to having a live PCB to run on. Once the assembled PCBs are received, we perform a full suite of unit tests including validation and boot up of the microprocessor. Firmware is loaded and the code tested by "single stepping" through each function verifying proper events at microprocessor input/outputs.

Once the prototype PCBs and firmware are unit tested, they are placed in a subsequent assembly for integration. One purpose of integration is to make firmware changes, enhancements, and corrections to ensure project requirements are met. Prior to the pilot phase, additional code is typically written to provide users with a convenient mechanism for over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates. This can be accomplished over BlueTooth, Wifi, or cellular.

Once the electronic design is ready for the production phase, Zone 7 Engineering assists in transitioning the firmware files to the Contract Manufacturer (CM) of choice and then provides support on an as-needed basis.

Custom Firmware Design & Development

Custom Firmware Design & Development

With a proven track record in rapid electronic prototyping, circuit design, and embedded firmware development, we stand at the forefront of innovation, ready to transform your product ideas into reality.

Custom Embedded Firmware Development

Tailoring firmware solutions for STM32 microcontrollers (MCU), and SHARC & BlackFin digital signal processors (DSP), we can address unique requirements such as low cost, low power, or high bandwidth processing. Our versatile solutions include Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) as well as non-OS frameworks.

Embedded Processor Firmware Design

Whether it's C/C++ drivers, application firmware, or DSP algorithms, Zone 7 Engineering can develop firmware that aligns seamlessly with electronic hardware. The development and testing processes ensure finely-tuned integration into your electronic systems.

diverse project experience

Our expertise extends across a range of projects, including:

- Handheld and remote meters

- OBD vehicle electronics

- Wired and wireless sensors

- High-performance audio capture/processing/reproduction and audio CODEC

- Medical wearable devices

- Low-power battery-driven electronics

- IoT device-to-server electronics and firmware (MQTT, HTTP/HTTPS/JSON protocols)

- Device-to-device electronics and firmware (BLE, ISM, WiFi, 4G, GPS)

- BLDC and BDC motor control

Technological Arsenal

Our streamlined development process includes regular utilization of the following processors and tools:

- Processors: ST Micro STM32F0 / STM32F1 /STM32F3 / STM32F4 / STM32F7, Analog Devices BlackFin BF70x DSP, SHARC 210xx, 214xx, and 2156x DSP

- Embedded IDE tools: IAR EWARM, Analog Devices CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES)

- Embedded IP libraries: Segger emWin GUI, Segger emFile FAT file system, SQLite, OBD Experts vehicle OBD-II, Micrium uC/OS-II RTOS, FreeRTOS, MicroDigital smxFS FAT file system, Closed Loop Design (CLD) USB Audio, Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction

- Interface: SPI, I2C, I2S, CANbus, UART, A/D, D/A, PWM, SDRAM, RGB TFT LCD, SAI, USB

- Wireless: uBlox NINA-B4 BlueTooth, SimCom SIM7500 LTE, uBlox MAX-M8 GNSS, Sierra Wireless BC127 Bluetooth, Telit HE910 3G, Linx Technologies GNSS / GPS, Roving Networks RN171 WiFi, Atmel ATWINC1500 WiFi, TI CC1101 sub-1GHz ISM band, MicroChip RN4020 Bluetooth Smart / Low Energy (BLE)

- Schematic capture: OrCAD

- PCB CAD software: PADS and Altium

- Drawing tools: AutoCAD LT

- Analog simulation tools: CircuitLab

- Version control: SubVersion and GIT

Who is Zone 7 Engineering?

At Zone 7 Engineering, we offer a comprehensive suite of electronics engineering services that covers project planning, circuit design, embedded firmware development, prototyping, and production-readiness. We specialize in crafting solutions that push the boundaries of technology. With a foundation built on excellence, innovation, and a commitment to client success, we are your go-to partner for bringing cutting-edge electronic systems to life.

Founder David Ashman, is a senior level electronics engineer with extensive experience in the design of digital & analog circuitry incorporating various microprocessors/DSPs, and the development of embedded C/C++ firmware.

Zone 7 Engineering stands out as a prominent company in the field of embedded electronic hardware design and firmware development. We excel in creating specialized embedded systems and offer a diverse array of services tailored to meet the needs of startups and large companies alike.