Our PCB Design Process

Our PCB design process always starts with discussions with the client about their project, the technological requirements, schedule expectations, and their budget. Once this crucial step is completed, a requirements specification is written and the design process commences.

Whether the PCB is for use in a prototype phase, a pilot phase, or a production phase, the requirements specification and block diagrams are translated into an electronic schematic and bill of materials (or parts list). A schematic is essentially a wiring diagram showing how all the electronic parts and integrated circuits are connected together on a PCB. After holding reviews of the design with the client, we work with a mechanical engineer (we can recommend a colleague if needed) to make sure our PCB design will fit perfectly into the proposed product space.

Standard Zone 7 Engineering practice is to spend extra time during the PCB design process to simulate the intended circuitry and fully understand / predict circuit behavior. This ensures prototype PCBs are as close as possible to the final product version. This has been proven to save money for clients in the long run as opposed to having to design several costly iterations of the PCB later in the process. Electronic parts are also ordered at this time which are later soldered to the PCBs. Both PCB fabrication and assembly are performed at our Contract Manufacturers (CMs) who are specialized and efficient at these tasks. A typical prototype build consists of 5-10 PCBs which is enough for testing and showing to potential investors.

Once the assembled PCBs are received from the CM, we perform a full suite of unit tests including validation of voltage regulators, clock oscillators, power-up initialization events, user interface, and any microprocessors on board. Once unit testing is complete and the design is verified in a controlled environment, the prototypes are integrated into a larger assembly and tested in real-world conditions. Occasionally, PCBs are re-spun to incorporate circuit enhancements or part changes discovered during prototype testing.

At this point, the prototypes (or re-spun PCBs) are fully tested and integrated into the near-final product. Prior to full production release, we always recommend a pilot phase build of 50-100 PCBs for beta testing. This gives the client the opportunity to sell or give the product to "friendly users" who will test the product as intended but agree to provide feedback which is critical for a successful product launch. This phase also provides an opportunity for the CM to perform a dry-run of the build prior to mass production.

Once the PCB design is ready for the production phase, Zone 7 Engineering assists in transitioning the design files to the CM of choice and then provides support on an as-needed basis.

OUR PCB layout expertise

With more than three decades of experience in the creation of printed circuit boards (PCB), Zone 7 Engineering is more than capable of creating superior PCB designs. We've refined our PCB design practice to provide customized cost-effective solutions. Our specialized approach leads to scalable boards that fit seamlessly into your product.

Key Aspects of Our PCB Layout Services:

1. High-density, multilayer PCB layouts using PADS or Altium

2. 3D modeling

3. Signal integrity analysis and optimization

4. Compliance with industry standards and regulations

PCB Design Services

By harnessing advanced PCB design technology and creative project planning, Zone 7 Engineering supercharges the design and manufacturing process to deliver efficiency and precision.

We prioritize client needs and design PCBs that excel in functionality, reliability, and manufacturability through rapid prototyping, test, and integration.

Our focal points are precision and productivity, allowing us to create layouts that exceed standard industry expectations.

Who is Zone 7 Engineering?

Proven expertise in electronic hardware and firmware engineering

PCB layout service is just one of our offerings. We engineer comprehensive solutions that integrate hardware components seamlessly with firmware functionalities. Clients choosing us gain not just a PCB service provider but a reliable partner committed to transforming their product visions into reality through exceptional PCB design.

Founded by electronic engineer David Ashman, Zone 7 Engineering offers expertise in a wide range of technological areas. David, a senior-level engineer, has garnered extensive experience in designing digital and analog circuitry, implementing various microprocessors/DSPs, and developing embedded C/C++ firmware.

Take the next step towards unlocking the potential of your electronic systems. Zone 7 Engineering is here to understand your unique requirements and offer tailored solutions that align with your goals. Whether you're in the conceptual phase of a project or seeking optimization for an existing design entering the commercialization phase, we can provide guidance, expertise, and a collaborative approach that ensures your project's success.